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MUSECAN Animate 6.0.0
MUSECAN Animate Sample 1.0.0
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This sample demonstration requires the Animate<> widget to  work.  The demonstration below can be imported directly into your project, use the  “Download Adobe MUSE Library demonstration for the above“.  The demonstration is also compatible with the trial & full version of the  Animate<> widget.  The in-page demonstrations use a WordPress short code that is created from a Single Adobe MUSE 2014.3 page, scaled to fit within this page.

Animate the initial page on arrival

Page Load effects can be created by positioning the item with a duration of 0 seconds and using basic css to hide the item so it does not flash on the screen. The animation can then bring the item in from the desired position with any of the standard rotations, movements.  Samples of Sliding in from bottom, right and spinning a newspaper in have been created as demonstrations

Adobe MUSE Widget demonstration area

Slide X

Slide Y

Throw In

Image Spinning


With the limitations of MUSE, the initial style of the body is set to Zero Opacity.  This allows the design to be created inside the designer, and then hidden on page load whilst images are loaded etc.

This is the same for all of the above samples.