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Product Description

JS HELP A small selection of widgets to help add JS Scripts into the correct section of your page. Includes the SPAN widget. These are particularly useful when embedding plugins from 3rd Party sites.

Includes a SPAN-ID widget, that can be used to help layout and design when using spans that are generated by javascript at runtime.


JS HELP – A simple plugin that will allow you to have sample text in the designer while working, using named id’s that are designer friendly. Also allowing JS Blocks to be placed in the footer section of the HTML page.

This sample page has a simple javascript attached to tell you about the web browser you are using, including the location. In the designer you can see the layout of the titles and each SPAN id, just making it simpler to work with your javascript blocks, and span’s. The “sample text” allows layout’s to make sense at design time.

The below information was created by javascript, attached in the footer section, utilising span tags with your own id details for referencing. Sample text can be included to help design time working. Below you can see the two widgets working together to create the above details.



  • Roadmap

  • Hybrid

  • Satallite

  • Terrain

  • Street View

  • Satellite 45° North,South,East,West

  • Hybrid 45° North,South,East,West

Live Example

Adobe MUSE Configuration Screen


Drag & Drop Pin Positioning


The widget has a quick link to the “Easy Settings Maker” to allow easy and quick creation of pin details using drag & drop positioning.

Easy Marker Title & Content Details Entry


Entry Details in the settings, and the Preview will change in the “Easy Settings Maker” Screen

Easy Settings Maker