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MUSECAN Animate 6.0.0
MUSECAN Animate Sample 1.0.0
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FB-ImgBackgroundA short video to introduce the Musecan.Com Animate widget for Adobe MUSE. Created so you can Animate your Adobe MUSE site. All the clips are taken from the demonstration site that you can download and try for yourself.


Animate Text

Characters, Words, Lines


Individualy, Grouped, Sequenced


Works on objects and groups, created with the rectangle tool


Text, Images, Objects

Link Animations

Run animations in sequence


Character Styles
Paragraph Styles
Graphics Styles

Unlimited number of animation combinations such as rotate, zoom, flip, text and images etc.

The widget will work on localhost,10.x.x.x.,127.x.x.x,192.168.x.x networks without a valid a license key, so you can try it out before purchasing. Adobe MUSE creates a many of layers and settings. The animate widget works within the MUSE framework using the Character, Paragraph and Graphic styles to identify the areas to start the the animation and the area that should be animated.

The number of animations possible is growing day by day, the best way to see a good selection of animations is to download the latest version, giving a quick and easy way to play with these amazing animations.

The MUSECAN Animate widget actually comprises a number of individual mucows/mulib.  The distribution includes the mucow files, which allow the designer to use the right-click replace function allowing easy copying and modification of settings across different mucow types.

The MUSECAN Animate widget is licensed per domain with a key.  The widget will work in the designer & locally without a license as long as your test site / Adobe MUSE is running on standard IP Settings,  localhost,192.168.xx 10.x.x.x and alike.  Once you are happy, purchase the license for each domain to which it is to be published.

  • On Page Load

  • After Images

  • On Click/Touch (inc Once, Restart, Point, Point & Play)

  • Scrolled In (inc Once, Restart, Point, Point & Play)

  • Scrolled Out (inc Once, Restart, Point, Point & Play)

  • Scroll Position %

  • HREF Scroll to Anchor

  • Smooth Scroll Position % Equivalent

  • Device Tilt (inc Soft/Fast, X or Y)

  • Parallax Mouse/Touch (inc %x, %y & Combined %x%y

  • Rotation - X , Y & Z Axis

  • Scale

  • Transparency

  • Yo-Yo

  • Repetitions to Inifinity

  • Position X,Y

  • Width, Height

  • Image Sequence

  • Timeline Sliders

  • Status Changes for : Playing, Paused, Beginning, End

  • SVG Lines % Draw

  • Z-Index (inc Set & Flip for sequences)

  • Background Image Position Movement


Mountain Biking Slideshow Example Video

Mountain Biking

Posted by Musecan.Com on Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Fireworks Demonstration Example Video

This is a screen capture of the fireworks demonstration page, completely designed within Adobe MUSE using the MUSECAN Animate Widget. Images are sized,moved with timed audio. The written text is SVG elements being drawn in letter by letter. Try the live page out at

Posted by Musecan.Com on Sunday, 30 August 2015

Getting Started

  1. Download the MUSECAN Animate v 6.0.0 Details.
  2. Move the Zip file contents into your development area so they can be easily accessed through Drag & Drop onto your Adobe MUSE Designer.folder
  3. Create a new Adobe MUSE Project
  4. Select the ‘A-Master’ Page
  5. Drag onto the ‘A-Master’ Page the “musecan-animate-library-mucow-v6.0.0.mucow” file.
    This is best placed to the left of the page, but can be placed anywhere as it has shows content only when in the Designer.
  6. This is just the LINK to the actual library file, so that all the web-pages use the same file and it is cached properly.  You must now add the actual Javascript Library file.  Click on the Add-File option in the widgets pop-up menu. Select the “Musecan_Animate_Library_v6.0.0.js” file from the distribution.AddLIbrary
  7. If you have purchased the widget, you can enter your license key.  If you are just using the trial version, then you can leave this unchanged.  The trial will run in the Designer and Locally without problems,  but it will not work on a proper domain name.
  8. Creating your first basic animation.
    1. Create a solid Box
    2. Assign it a graphics style (Case Sensitive !)
  9. Drag in the Animation Style Settings widget.
  10. Place off to the left of you page, (this will not have content at runtime).
    Fill In :

    1. [On] Character/Paragraph/Graphic with Style :            .teststyle
    2. [Animate this] Character/Paragraph/Graphic style :    .teststyle
    3. CheckBox  :  SCALE
    4. Scale           :  2
  11. Preview should now work, when you click on the red box, it will double in size.

Examples Site is included in the download

The example site is included in the download, remember  to make the  designer notes layer visible to see if any tips are on the page as to how the animation has been achieved.


Sample Site

Adobe MUSE Demonstration Examples Site

In the download is a sample site.  Pages have been created to various levels to demonstrate how to/how not to organise your work.  To view the demonstration site,   The online version of site may be different to that included in the download.  With the increasing number of widgets, it may be possible that a demonstration is running of an older version of a widget.  Please always use the latest version of all the widgets included within your download.