Adobe MUSE Support Forums

Adobe Muse Pre-Release forums are a good source of information.  Unlike standard Adobe Forums they are hidden on a different site :   Standard Help forums are :    

Google MAPS API Access to Adobe MUSE Developer

To allow access to the Google MAPS Api from within the Adobe MUSE Developer. Google regularly updates the API project area,  so items may be moved around, but the concepts remain the same. Access you Google APIS Console, Then navigate to the API Access section.   The key to getting access is to add […]

No MULIB Backwards Compatibility cc2015 -> cc2014.3

Widget Libraries are not Backwards Compatible from MUSE CC 2015  back to CC 2014.3. This is unfortunate because the MUCOW specification underlying this has not changed apparently.  Currently will supply the widgets in from cc2014.3 MULIB format, which can be imported into Adobe MUSE CC 2015 without any issues.